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VCAs in the Modular Environment with VCV Rack 2

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This video series is about the most famous building block in the modular environment, the VCA. It's known as the Voltage Controlled Amplifier, but there's much more to it, and it can help you open up a system in many exciting ways. We start with what a VCA is, and many ways of using it, and we build multiple patches from scratch, implementing the techniques and ideas.

We'll be using VCV Rack 2, which is a free Eurorack emulation, so all the ideas will work in hardware as well. There's also an accompanying PDF file with patch diagrams of the different techniques, so you can experiment with these techniques in your own systems and patches.

This video series is fitting for beginners and advanced users alike. If you're looking for inspiration, or for having a stronger foundation, you will find this video series helpful.

Here is the list of videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a VCA - The Attenuator
  3. What is a VCA - The Amplifier
  4. What is a VCA - The Attenuverter (Polarizer)
  5. Linear vs Exponential
  6. Amplitude of audio 
  7. Tremolo 
  8. Velocity 
  9. Introduction to the Patch From Scratch videos
  10. Patch From Scratch No.1
  11. AM - Amplitude Modulation
  12. RM - Ring Modulation
  13. Patch From Scratch No.2
  14. Gating audio
  15. Ducking audio 
  16. Ducking effects 
  17. Patch From Scratch No.3
  18. Panning 
  19. Crossfading
  20. Voices into send effect 
  21. Patch From Scratch No. 4
  22. VCA before or after a filter 
  23. Amplitude of modulation 
  24. Adding Rests
  25. Adding Variation to pitch
  26. Patch From Scratch No. 5
  27. VCA as AND logic 
  28. Ducking CV
  29. Gating CV
  30. Attenuation 
  31. Adding CV control
  32. Shaping CV
  33. Patch From Scratch No. 6
  34. Half rectify 
  35. Various modules with VCA functionality
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35 videos, more than 2.5 hours of content, patch diagrams, English subtitles

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VCAs in the Modular Environment with VCV Rack 2

3 ratings
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