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Getting Practical with Modular Synthesis in VCV Rack 2

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This series of videos is all about getting hands-on with patching inside the modular environment, with the help of VCV Rack 2. From patching a "simple" subtractive voice, through sequencing techniques, sound design, and all the way to generative patching. There are 40 videos set in groups of 10 so there are 10 videos dedicated to working with a keyboard, going through subtractive synthesis, FM, oscillator sync, AM, sound design, and more. There are 10 videos concentrating on working with a sequencer, v/oct, quantizer, sequencing techniques, and so on. There are 10 videos concentrating on rhythmic patches, drum synthesis, rhythmic sequencing, working with logic, and so on. And there are 10 videos concentrating on generative patches, looping functions, randomness, probability, and more.
I'm using VCV 2 in this series, but everything I go through can be done with various modules, also in hardware so it's not about the modules themselves, but more about the functions and ways of using them.
This series is very much suited for beginners, I go through the different ideas step by step, and it's a sort of a continuation of the Basics of Modular Synthesis series. 

Here's the list of videos:

1. Patching a basic chain
2. Patching a basic subtractive voice
3. Expanding on the basic idea
4. Building a subtractive mono synth
5. Patching a basic patch with it
6. Patching oscillator sync
7. Patching FM
8. Patching AM
9. Filters and LFOs as voices
10. Adding velocity glide and vibrato

11. Basic sequence and volt per octave
12. Quantizer and multiple voices
13. Clock and irregular lengths
14. Sequential Switch and chaining sequences
15. Adding variation with S&H
16. Sequencing modulation with VCAs
17. Combining gates with Logic and adding velocity
18. Chords with a Shift Register
19. Sequential Switches and splitting a sequence
20. Putting Things Together

21. Basic Drum Synthesis - Bass Drum and Snare
22. Adding Hi-Hats and changing the groove
23. More Sound Design
24. Adding Randomness with S&H
25. Adding Voices
26. Glitch with a Delay
27. Side Chaining
28. Pinging Filters
29. Karplus Strong
30. Putting Things Together

31. Function Generators and Generative Clocks
32. Expanding on the idea
33. Krell Patch
34. Random Gates with Random Lengths
35. Clock Dividers
36. Creating a Burst of Notes
37. Adding Probability
38. Generative Harmony
39. Controlled Randomness
40. Putting Things Together

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There are 40 videos, more than 5 hours of content, VCV Rack 2 patch files, and English subtitles.

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Getting Practical with Modular Synthesis in VCV Rack 2

49 ratings
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