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Subtractive Synthesis in Modular with VCV Rack 2 and Eurorack

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This series of videos is all about exploring subtractive synthesis in the modular environment. Going through the different aspects of subtractive synthesis is a great way to learn the basics of synthesis and to get interesting sound-deign results fairly quickly.

I go through the basics with VCV Rack 2, I show some of the aspects with the Arturia MiniBrute 2 (which is great for learning synthesis since it's very visual), and I build a subtractive modular setup with Eurorack. I also create a few patches with VCV, MiniBrute, and Eurorack to show signal flow and patching ideas. There's a PDF file with patch diagrams of the patches I build with the Eurorack system.

This series of videos is aimed for beginners to synthesis and modular, but it can be quite useful also for more advanced users who want to have a stronger foundation.

Here is the list of videos:

Subtracting what? Subtracting from?
The Filter Part 1 - Low Pass, High Pass, and what are Poles
The Filter Part 2 - Resonance and Drive
The Envelope
MiniBrute 2 - Basic Building Blocks
VCV - Building the Setup \ Basic Patch with a Keyboard
VCV - Building the Setup \ Advanced Patch with a keyboard
VCV - Building the Setup \ Patching with a Sequencer
Eurorack - Building the Setup \ Lower row 
Eurorack - Building the Setup \ Upper row
Eurorack - Building the Setup \ 1U row
Eurorack - Basic Patch with a Keyboard
Eurorack - Patching with a Sequencer
MiniBrute 2 - Patching a Bass Sound
MiniBrute 2 - Patching a Lead Sound
MiniBrute 2 - Patching Kick FX
Eurorack - Patching a Lead Sound
Eurorack - Patching a Kick and Hi-Hats Sequence
Eurorack - Patching a Bass Sequence
Eurorack - Patching a Sync Lead Sound
Eurorack - Patching Chords

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24 videos, more than 2.5 hours of content, Patch Diagrams, English subtitles

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Subtractive Synthesis in Modular with VCV Rack 2 and Eurorack

3 ratings
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